Sunday, 4 June 2017

Sunday, 4 May - Njal's Saga

Much of the action of Njal's Saga takes place at the Althing, so it was a natural progression to drive to the area where Njal and his friend Gunnar lived.

A famous section in the saga tells how Gunnar, who has been sentenced to lesser outlawry is riding out to leave Iceland.  His horse stumbles and he leaps from the saddle to save a fall.  He looks up at the slopes where his farm at Hlíðarendi lies, and says, "How beautiful are the slopes, I do not think that I will leave."  Thereby starting the process that culminates in his death.  The photo above shows the  present day church at Hlíðarendi.

A prominent landmark which features in the saga is Þrihyrning, the three peaked mountain, seen here in the background to Hlíðarendi.

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